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Elijah Madison Burton

Elijah Madison Burton was born June 1849 in DeK alb County Tennessee, the second son of Thomas J. Burton and Sarah (maiden name unknown). The family moved to Jefferson County after 1850, when they were found on the Coffee County Federal Census, and before 1851, when Francis O. Burton was born.

Elijah, known as "Lige" was raised in Jefferson County and started his family there. He married Cynthia Jane Meadors, daughter of Bluford Meadors and Perlina Meadors, March 22, 1868 in Jefferson County, Illinois.. To this marriage nine children were born. 

Lige and Jane came to Texas after 1880, but were here by 1885, because the last girl, Delila Myrtle, and the last two boys were born in Grayson County Texas. According to family stories, they left Grayson County, Illinois and moved to Grayson County, Texas; only one problem, there is not nor has been a Grayson County, Illinois. I have always believed the story should have been "Left Rome township, Illinois and moved to Rhome, Texas, which is not in Grayson County, but is close enough if you are new to the area in the late 1800's. At any rate, we're still looking for that one.

Lige served in the 156th Illinois Vol. Infantry during the Civil War. He served less than sixty days, joining in May 1865 and being discharged in June because the Southern armies had all surrendered. He was unable to draw a pension in later life, because he did not serve enough time. His pension application is where this information came from.

Lige bought at least two pieces of land in Coleman County. One in 1897 from D. M. Adams, and one from F. W. and F. E. Adams. A short aside here.

F. W. Adams was Francis Wilbern Adams, Jr., son of Francis Wilbern Adams and Laura Marthalette Gleason. F. E. Adams was Frances Elizabeth (Burton) Adams, daughter of Elijah Madison Burton and Cynthia Jane Meadors. Francis Adams and Elizabeth Burton married in 1886 in Texas, and were trying to move to Arizona in 1903 when they sold the land to Lige. More on this story in the page for Elizabeth, but D. M. Adams was David M. Adams, Uncle of F. W. Adams, Jr.

The Adams and Burton families are tied together tight at this time, inter-marrying and marrying into the same outside families. I can already see I am going to have to do several pages on the Adams family.

Lige and Jane settled into Coleman County by 1894, and spent the rest of their lives here, as did most of their surviving children. In fact, my Dad's brothers and sisters were all born in Coleman County and with the exception of four of them, they all died in Coleman County, and most of their children have stayed around Coleman County.

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This is E. M. Burton and Cynthia Jane Meadors
 after they moved to Coleman County, Texas

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Below is the family of Elijah Madison Burton and Cynthia Jane Meadors.

Elijah Madison Burton

born: June 1849 in DeKalb County, Tennessee died: March 15, 1924 in Burkett, Coleman County, Texas
married: March 22, 1868 in Jefferson County, Illinois buried: Adams Cemetery, Burkett, Coleman County, Texas
Father: Thomas J. Burton b. 1827 Mother: Sarah (unknown) b: 1825

Cynthia Jane Meador

born: January 14, 1849 in Illinois  died: March 27, 1927 in Cross Plains, Callahan County, Texas
Father: Bluford Meador b. 1815  Mother: Perlina Meador b. 1817


1.Bluford L. Burton  b: March 3, 1869 in Jefferson County, Illinois
2.Frances Elizabeth Burton b: May 20, 1871 in Jefferson County, Illinois
d: 1908 in Texas
married: Francis Wilbern Adams, Jr. 1886 in Texas
3.Charles T. Burton b: March 24, 1873 in Illinois
4. Wesley Madison Burton b: October 26, 1875 in Jefferson County, Illinois
d: August 1951 in Abilene, Texas
married: October 31, 1895 Agnus Elizabeth Mosier in Coleman County, Texas
5. Lucretia Jane Burton b: May 10, 1878 in Jefferson County, Illinois
d: 1905 in Coleman County, Texas
married: Barney Shilling
6. Isaac Omer Burton b: July 21, 1880 in 
d: Sept 5, 1957 in  Coleman County, Texas
married: Zula Adeline Porter in Coleman County, Texas
7. Arphy Lusetta Burton b: Feb. 12, 1883 in
d: 1956 in Arizona
married: 1901 William Walter Adams in Coleman County Texas
8. Delila Myrtle Burton b: Feb. 28, 1885 in Grayson County Texas
married: John Jennings Kline in Coleman County, Texas
9. Wilbern Lon Burton  b: Feb. 24, 1888 in Grayson County, Texas
d: Sept 1951 In Coleman County, Texas
married: A. Ella Merryman in Coleman County, Texas

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