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G . J. Jones
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Garrison Jerome Jones

Garrison Jerome Jones was born October 15, 1862 in Blount County Alabama. His mother died when he was young, and he did not stay home long after his father remarried. He has been a tricky one to find, and we have only scratched the surface.

His family is from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. His father, David Garrison Jones, was born in  Murray County, Georgia.  They moved to Marshall County, Alabama just before Garrison married. This is my original "Grandpa Jones".

Garrison Jerome Jones
Born: October 15,1862 Blount County, Alabama
died: June 17, 1945 in Sonora, Sutton County, Texas
Father: David Garrison Jones
Mother: Emaline Timms
spouse(s):(1) Emma Velula Tillerson Jan. 28, 1886 in Glen Rose, Somerville County, Texas
(2)Winnie May Read Dec. 15,1914 in Brady, McCullough County, Texas
Emma Velula Tillerson
Father: William J. Tillerson
Mother: Judith Rebecca Pettit

    Children of G. J. and Emma Tillerson

    Children of G. J. and Winnie Read

    • Ethel Roberta Jones
    • Thomas L. Jones

    Born: Feb. 17, 1887 Born: 1918
    Died: July 3,1965 in Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas died:
    spouse(s): Nat Keith; Clyde Poole Pettit; ? Hill; ? Davis W. O. Walker spouse(s):
    • Walter Elijah Jones
    • Gaston Jerome Jones
    Born: July 7, 1889 Born: November 20,1922
    Died:1918 of Influenza died:
    spouse(s): Eula Sarah Keith spouse(s):
    • Carroll David Jones
    • Perlie May Jones
    Born: June 13, 1890 Born: May 25, 1926
    Died: died:
    spouse(s): spouse(s):
    • Alice Belle Jones
    Born: August 6, 1895  
    Died: November 1953  
    spouse(s): William Oscar Walker  

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