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James M. Walker
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James Monroe Walker

James Monroe Walker
born: June 6, 1860, in Texas
died: February 13, 1935 in Oplin, Callahan County, Texas
married: 1887 in Callahan County, Texas
Father: Jack Walker
Mother: Unknown
Sarahann Elizabeth Vaught
born: December 1, 1862 in Texas
died: November 24, 1944 in Goldsboro, Coleman County, Texas
Father: R. Caswell Vaught
Mother: Sarah Bayley
Other Spouses: E. E. Wheat


  • 1.William Oscar Walker
born: January 23, 1888, in Coreyell County, Texas
died:July 3, 1967 in Texarkana, Miller County, Arkansas
spouse(s): 1. Alice Belle Jones; 2. Ethel Roberta Jones
  • 2. Jess Walker
born: October 20, 1889
spouse(s): Martha Beaver
  • 3. Lee Walker
born October 20, 1889
died:after 1912 died young 
sopuse(s): never married
  • 4. James Perry Walker
born: June 1895
spouse(s): 1. Annie Pendley; 2. Rebecca 

indian walker.JPG (22857 bytes)

From all we can learn, this is a picture of James M. Walker's mother. All the identification we have is " The Indian picture", but we believe her name was possibly Nancy Catherine

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We are at a road block here. According to census records, James' father was born in Missouri, but we have not been able to find him. We have heard stories that one of his brothers was a town marshal or a deputy sheriff of Callahan County, but have had no luck in following this lead.

We do know there was a rift in the family about 1900 - 1910, but have not been able to find any details about it. We have learned recently that James' mother is supposed to be buried at Putnam, Callahan County, Texas, but her grave is unmarked, so that seems to be a dead end (no pun intended). We have also learned that her name was Catherine (?), maybe.

The family lived in an area bounded by Coryell County (Fort Hood) Callahan County, Taylor County, Coleman County, Concho County, and Mills County. They lived in Cottonwood, Putnam, Oplin, in Callahan County; in Bradshaw, Tokeen (Content) and Shep in Taylor County; in Goldsboro, Novice, and Coleman in Coleman County; in Stacy and Doole in Mills County; and in Concho County near where O. H. Ivey Reservoir is now.

AS you can see we have quite a bit of almost information, but at this time we are literally steering blind. Something will break though; it always has before.


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