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My name is Clayton Burton. My wife, Elsie Low, and I have been researching our family, and families, for about ten years together. We have found some very  interesting information on the various family lines that we research, but we could not have done it without a lot of help from friends, neighbors, family, and some people we have never met except on the internet. This is our way of trying to repay a small portion of that immense help. This information is available to all and everyone who has a need of it, but we do retain copyright protection on the material. We hope this is some help to anyone and everyone who sees it. Thanks Clayton Burton. If you have been here before, you will notice we have changed the site some. We now have a separate page for our links, among other changes. I hope you like what you see. Thanks

I have added a direct link to Barnes and Noble Books, which, surprisingly, is named   Barnes and Noble. If you are looking for a certain book, or need to find a book, they will find it, if it is available. They have found several for me.

The names we are researching are Adams, Akin(s), Benton, Burton, Jones, Low, Lowe, Meador (all spellings), Pettit, Shilling, Simmons,  Stegall (all spellings), Tillerson, Vaught, Walker, White, and Williams. We usually work on a line until we hit a block, then work on another. Then we start with one block and work through it. We have some interesting information on all the lines we have researched so far. I will start putting some of that information up, as well as the group sheets for our immediate families.

I will start with, surprise, the Burton. This work has been hampered to a larger degree than was necessary because of two feuds. One in my family that I can NOT get past, and one among the various Burton researchers who have attempted to bend or ignore facts to prove a pet theory. All I have ever wanted was to trace the Burton line as far back as I could ( and I had begun to believe I had reached that point) irregardless which line or what the circumstances surrounding that line. If there was a murderer, so what? The first page of the BURTON line will be my interpretation to the facts I have found to date. The Burton Line contains the allied lines of Meador, Adams, Shilling, Williams, Simmons,  and probably Walker and Jones.

Jefferson County Illinois is where most of this Burton and Meador information comes from. If you are tied to Illinois, this is a great place to start.

Next I will give all I have on the Low and Lowe names. We spent a long dry spell on this one, because we did not have any names to go by. After we found a few names, it went like a brush fire. We will give some stories, some court records, and some newspaper accounts, because this is an interesting family. The Low line contains the allied families of Benton, Stegall, White, Akin(s), Walker, Westbrook, Word, Spinks, Ghormly,  Cox, and Sides, among others.

The Walker line is the hardest so far, because we don't have names beyond James Monroe Walker b. 1860. When I asked an uncle about his grandfather, he said you did not ask those questions. End of discussion. We have several clues, but nothing much else. The Walker line will include Burton, Low, Vaught, Carriger, Wheat, Jones, Keith, Burrow (pronounced Burr), Bradshaw, Webb, Martin, Pettit, Pool, and Tillerson, among others.

Then we come to the Jones line. This one has been a real challenge, notwithstanding the name. This was a family with a feud also. So we had to contend with the obvious road block of the name; it seems that every Jones only had access to a certain group of names, and that is all they ever used; but we had actually two families, two different mothers, that was not on speaking terms. This extended to five generations, which meant we were not to be spoken to either. The Jones line will include Vaught, Tillerson, Pettit, Carriger, Keith, Bodine, Stegall, Walker, Timms, Fowler, and I am sure several more.

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